CombatFX carry a large range of pyrotechnic products and devices specifically designed  for use in force on force combat training and counter terroism  training.


We provide off the shelf solutions to simulate the incoming fire of a variety of firearms, AK47, RPG, RPK and larger calibres. These impact effects can be simulated by small pyrotechnic charges (bullet hits) laid out in pre-positioned ground or wall runs, which can be fired electrically at any predetermined rate to simulate a specific weapon type.



Visual and Acoustic Blast and Impact Signatures

Over the years we have designed and manufactured an array of pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic explosive simulators ranging in size from small anti-personnel devices up to the simulated impact of a 155mm artillery round.


  • Pyrotecnic Suicide  vest

  • Infred triggered IEDS

  • Booby traps

  • Pressure plate devises

  • Small arms fire

  • Mortar fire

  • RPG rounds

  • Light & heavy machine gun rounds

  • Grenades

  • Artillery

  • Land mines and IEDs







Exersise Union Fortress, UAE Military;  Abu Dhabi  2017

Battlefield Effects by CombatFX

Exersise Union Fortress, UAE Military;  Abu Dhabi  2017
Battlefield Effects by CombatFX