CombatFX have the capability and track record of safely supplying, supervising and maintaining a comprehensive range of opfor blank fire firearms and weapons used by Defence in live training


The firearms we provide are new or un-issued ordnance and are fitted with internal restrictors and fire full flash  blanks. This provides a more accurate and realistic visual and audible signal than military style BFAs and heightens the sense of realism, both physically and psychologically, thus greatly helping to familiarise with actual battlefield conditions.


CombatFX maintain sufficient firearms inventory to fully equip a company sized Opposing Force group with:


• AK47 assault rifles

• RPK light machine guns

• PKM medium machine guns

• SVD marksman rifles

• RPG grenade launchers

• Support systems

• Spare parts and web gear











These are the most commonly occurring small and medium range weapons encountered by soldiers deployed to international areas of armed conflict.


They are an invaluable tool in reality-based combat training as they exactly replicate the sound, muzzle flash, weight, and cyclic rate of fire of real Opposing force firearms and add to the immersive realism of the training.


Being real firearms modified to blank fire function, they also act as a valuable training tool to demonstrate to soldiers how to safely and rapidly clear the weapons and if required quickly render it inoperable for further use; and if the necessity arises, use the enemy weapon if their own weapon is damaged or lost in battle.


Our weapons model is a turnkey package where the weapons are owned by CombatFX and leased to Defence on a as required basis.


The benefit to Defence in using the for-lease model is that all sourcing, buying, importing, legalities, insurances, maintenance, transport, safe storage and compliance of supplying prohibited weapons and ammunition is taken care of by CombatFX. We receive the brief, assemble the materiel, appear on site with weapons, ammunition and CombatFX Licensed armourers, conduct the requirements safely, efficiently and economically, and then withdraw leaving nothing for Defence to clean up. We have proven to be an extremely cost effective and low maintenance solution to Defence's OPFOR training needs.


CombatFX is fully licensed and insured for all categories of supplying prohibited firearms to Defence and are the only company in Australia to be granted a Realistic Combat Training - Commissioners Permit that enables us to supply weapons to Defence.


Pyrotechnic RPG

CombatFX have designed and manufactured an RPG unit that is identical to the original RPG 7 but fires a twin pyrotechnic charge by means of a rapid loading insert. This has a loud audible, smoke and flash signature, and is quickly reloadable in the field by means of inserting another charge, similar to loading a real RPG.  

CombatFX have a comprehensive design engineering facility and spare parts inventory for the maintenance and repair of our ordnance inventory and for the conversion of weapons to blank fire status. We also design and manufacture specialized bracket systems to allow the mounting of Miles Laser systems to any weapon, firearm or platform required.


PERSONEL: Our armourers are ADF trained and are fully conversant with Defences operating environment, ethos and culture so fit in seamlessly when embedded in the field.


CombatFX provides weapons familiarity training for military and non-military personnel prior to the commencement of any training activities.


CombatFX are licenced to possess, use, and manufacture all relevant firearms and weapons types. All firearms and weapons are at all times accompanied by a CombatFX Armourer.


CFX RPG7 ak-47_folding stock BLANK FIRING PKM CFX CFX AK 47