CombatFX is an integral part  of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Live Mission Specific exercises by providing a broad range of non-NATO weapons, OPFOR battlefield effects,  and field supported highly qualified personnel.


CombatFX is deeply committed to supporting the ADF's reality based training programs and  recognizes  that this training not only contributes to the preparation (mentally,  emotionally and physically ) for the stresses and rigors experienced in theatre but also with preserving  the lives of our service personnel.


The benefit of using Combatfx   is our ability to receive the brief ,assemble the materiel, appear on site, conduct the requirements safely, efficiently and economically, and then withdraw leaving no additional footprint. This  removes the concern for the ongoing requirement of maintenance and storage of pyrotechnics and weapons or for the certification of training.  


Due to CombatFX's extensive background in Physical Special Effects we are able to produce the desired result quickly, efficiently and at a time and place of your choosing without  having to commit more of your already valuable time, money or resources.




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