CombatFX is a divison of Pridefx , one of the oldest and most respected Physical Special Effects Companies in Australia.


Tad Pride has been the director of the two leading Special Effects companies in Australia (Mirage & Pride Studios Pty Ltd) that have been at the forefront of supplying special effects for feature films, commercials, and television series.


In the 1980’s in partnership with Andrew Mason, Paul Nicola, and David Pride, Tad formed the award winning Mirage Effects company. During this time the company set up Australia’s only dedicated visual effects and physical effects studio, as well as building studio based and field portable motion control camera systems.


Tad Pride, the Director of PrideFX has continued  to supervise and work on films such as: Mad Max 2, Fortress, Robinson Crusoe, Dark City, Mission Impossible 2, Red Planet, The Matrix and Superman Returns.


Tad Pride has been largely responsible for mentoring and training  the "new young breed" of SFX technicians in Australia today, and was awarded in 2016 the Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation and Excellance In Special Effects by The Screen Producers Guild  


With this background, creating our Battlefield SFX Divison was a natural extension.


Providing high-end Physical Special Effects to the film industry is one of the most challenging and technically demanding of all fields.


It will often require events such as fires, explosions, gun play, vehicle crashes, building and structural collapse and large scale natural phenomenon to take place, whilst being surrounded by extremely valuable personnel and assets, such as world famous actors and directors, crowds of men, women and children, and millions of dollars worth of delicate equipment.


This is frequently staged in the middle of down-town New York, Sydney or places of great environmental sensitivity such as national parks or coral reefs. At the end of the day everyone must walk away having left the personnel, equipment and environment unscathed, intact and safe.


Our experiance in designing, project managing and supplying Physical Special Effects for films enables us to produce Opposing Force  Special Effects of any size quickly, efficiently, economically, and safely .















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