CombatFX is the foremost company in the Asia Pacific region that supplies the full spectrum of Live  Opposing Force  Special Effects (OPFORFX ® )


The  OPFORFX ® Division was created specifically to service the field of Reality Based Training for: the Australian Special Forces , The Australian Defence Force, the Australian Federal Police, Fire Departments, and Live Counter -Terrorism Training.


Through our close relationship with the Australian Special Forces we have developed a deep understanding of what is needed in designing, supplying and operating Opposing Force  Special Effects.


These are not just an “effect”.


Working closely with the lead trainers, they are tailored to the desired training needs are interactive  :IED’s, Vehicle Born IED`s, Suicide Vest IEDS, area denial charges: (booby traps, trip wires ect, which can be command fired or victim initiated ) thereby creating an immediate immersive cause and effect. This replicates to the maximum extent possible the intense  environment experienced during actual combat operations, and is the enabler  that creates the ultimate stress of war and the critically , physically interactive exchange between soldier and enemy.


They are a pivotal tool in the training arsenal to help ensure our soldiers train as they fight.




• OPFOR Blank fire weapons and firearms of all Calibres

• Wide range of specially designed close proximity OPFOR  pyrotechnics              

• Fully licenced and insured Armourers & Pyrotechnicians  

• Firearms consultants and import facilitation

• OPFORFX  consultancy and project management, Simulation and scenario design, engineering and manufacturing

• Specialized logistical support for compliance, transportation & security of dangerous goods and Prohibited Items (domestically & Internationally)      

•    All environmental physical simulation (wind, rain, fire, dust storms)


CombatFX is the obvious choice for organizations requiring Opposing Force Special Effects.  


Our team has collectively over 80 years’ experience in firearms, weapons , pyrotechnics, explosives and Physical Special Effects, during which time we have held a flawless safety record .










Know your enemy

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